How to Join B32racing

If you’re ready?

Want to Join The Team?

We have invested a lot of ressources to get where we are, and we hope you’re just as comitted.

Prices & Important Dates:

First wave of try-outs have already begun and will end the 1 of March 2019. Second and last wave will begind 1 of April and continue until 1 of October 2019.

Try-out period

3 months

Admission fee

kr. 500


kr. 50 /month

Team Perks:

  • Tickets to Endurance eRacing World Championship 2019
  • Food, drinks and snacks througout the whole weekend
  • A seat in the GTE, GT3 or LMP2 car
  • B32Racing Sweatshirt
  • B32Racing T-shirt
  • Advertisement
  • More to come